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A Trifecta of Tripawds!

Posted by: | September 24, 2010 | 8 Comments |

Well, we finally got together a small contingent of Michigan Tripawds for a pawty today, in Grand Rapids, MI.  A “Trifecta of Tripawds” gathered to meet and greet…. Rocky, Boo, and the Queen herself, Nova.  It was cool and breezy, but at least it didn’t rain. If it had, diva Nova would have never set […]

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This last Saturday I had a blast at the big graduation pawty that Mom had for my big brother.  Mom was worried that it might get confusing for me to have so many strangers around the house that day, but it ended up being pawfect.  The only thing was, she moved all the furniture on […]

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Pawesome…. I finally got Mom to pay more attention to me and get us back on the blog.  She’s been in school and had final exams, and pretty much glossed right over my 18-month ampuversary because she had her head buried in her books.  Tonight she logged on to Facebook and saw Ampuversary greetings for […]

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Here’s the Latest

Posted by: | May 21, 2010 | 5 Comments |

Wow…. I can’t believe it’s been since late March since Mom let me on the computer.  She is doing homework for school ALL the time.  She is so very busy that I have been dishing out my Drama Queen act any chance I can, just to get a snuggle here and there.  I have decided […]

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My sissy Emmy finally came home late yesterday.  I am sooooo glad she came back! But get this… she was wearing MY Ruffwear harness, and Mom was using MY sling to get Emmy into the house. She was limping terribly, but she still had 4 legs.  Mom was on the phone with Dad and told […]

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Oh man, right now I am just howling in agony.  Mom rushed out of here earlier this morning with my sissy Emmy, and now Emmy is not here and I am VERY unhappy about it.  She is my seeing eye dog, my buddy, my pal, and she’s NOT HERE!   AARWWWWRRROOOOOO! A couple of hours ago Mom called Emmy into […]

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My Mom the Drama Queen

Posted by: | March 19, 2010 | 16 Comments |

HA!  Mom calls ME a drama queen, but I have to say, this past week it is MOM who is the drama queen.  I’m sure a lot of my Tripawd friends out there have been reading Mom’s freak out on the forum these past few days.  Geesh!  Come on, Mom. You are supposed to think […]

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Pulling a Fast One

Posted by: | March 3, 2010 | 8 Comments |

Hey Tripawd friends!  Don’t tell my Mom, but I have been a little sneaky with her these days. Since I know Mom will do anything to keep me hoppy and healthy (she is my “Lady-in-Waiting” you know), I have to admit that I’ve been kinda working it a little more than usual. I’ve always been […]

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Puppy Sitting

Posted by: | February 18, 2010 | 15 Comments |

Today Mom brought some rat-looking thing into our house. Ok, so it wasn’t a rat, I am told it is a DOG, although I am having a hard time believing it.  Wow, I didn’t think dogs came in this size.  I don’t even think I was this small when I was a newborn puppy.  No, […]

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Just a Dog

Posted by: | February 10, 2010 | 13 Comments |

I’m sure every day most of us get forwarded dog-related emails that have been forwarded over and over.  Some we’ve seen before, some are new to us. The one about Faith the 2-legged dog always brings a smile to my face no matter how many times people forward it to me.  Tonight, I came home […]

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