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It’s My 3 Month Ampuversary!

Posted by: | February 11, 2009 | 2 Comments |

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Just wanted to let you all know that today I am celebrating my 3 MONTH ampuversary. My life is great these days and I am so happy being a Tripawd that I forgot all about my old leg. It’s so wonderful to have that achin’ thing gone, now my life is pain-free.

As you can see, I am spending a lot of “lounge lizard” time on the couch these days. Danes are the biggest couch potatoes, so I must live up to my reputation! I find plenty of reasons each day to wag my tail, in fact Mom says I wag it as much or MORE than I did before. It’s nice to be done with most of the Doctor visits. Just a quick CBC tomorrow, some chest x-rays in a few weeks, then Mom might start me on some special supplements to keep me healthy and to keep that ugly cancer monster from growing.

We’ve had some warm weather this week so it has been nice to get outside and breathe the warm air. I’ve had a fun time watching Mom clean up all my poop that was buried under all the snow! (Ha ha) I can’t wait to be back in the business of licking the sweaty boys on my brother’s Cross Country team! In the meantime I will have to make the best of hanging around inside. As you can see I have a nice snuggly friend, my lion blanket from Santa, who can keep me company when I need a friend to snuggle with.

Mom is sad today because she found out that some of the nice people she’s met on are coming to the end of their journey with their Tripawd and have to say goodbye soon, or have already said goodbye. She gets really upset every time she reads about another Tripawd reaching to end of his journey. Titan… Jack…. and now Buster. It’s been a rough year so far. She’s so sad because she knows how hard these guys’ pawrents fought their cancer. It’s hard to help humans “get it”. I wish they didn’t get so sad about it all. It takes a very special person to be a Tripawd parent, and we are all so blessed to have them. We know our pawrents have done everything they can for us and love us to bits. But when we tell them it’s time, they just have to trust us and be at peace with it. And then when we go they need to help other Tripawd pawrents with their journey, just like our friend Jerry’s pawrents. Trust us. We WILL be there waiting for you when you come to join us someday, and I guarantee it will be like we have never been apart.

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  1. By: OKim1 on February 12, 2009 at 10:09 am      

    Happy Ampuversary Nova !! …

    Buster is still here, he is one step closer to heaven. Don't be sad, live everyday to the fullest.
    Many ampuversaries to come.
    Kim & Buster

  2. By: Jerry G Dawg on February 13, 2009 at 9:34 am      

    Nova, it seems like just yesterday you were in so much pain and feeling terrible. Now look at you, you look wonderful! Congrats and a Happy Ampuversary to you!

    You are wise beyond your years, even in dog years. Keep on teaching silly humans the real meaning of life.

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