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Hoppy 5th Birthday to ME!

Posted by: | January 26, 2009 | 2 Comments |

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It’s my turn to write the post today, since Mom has been so busy with her marathon training (she thinks she’s busy NOW, just wait until APRIL!) First, the most important thing about today is it is MY 5TH BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe I was just a newborn pup 5 years ago.

Birthday’s are great. Mom usually doesn’t make a real big deal about my birthday, but this morning she gave me a great new red fleece jacket. It is the same style as my other one, but much more my color. Emmy and I are going to share our two jackets, but this way we each have one to wear if Mom wants to take us out together.

Another exciting thing about today is that we got to go for a R-I-D-E. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it still was to a vet’s office, but not either of the vets I have been used to going to all the time. Today we went to see Dr. Morreale, the dog opthamologist at Michigan Veterinary Specialist (MVS), or what Mom calls the “Taj-MaVet” since their building is so fancy. It was time for my 3 month follow-up appointment. I had not seen Dr. Morreale since a few weeks before Mom found my lump around Halloween. So the last they saw of me, I had 4 legs.
Yep, this place is so fancy I felt like I was checking into a spa or something (I wish! I’ll take the TriPawdicure, please!)

The fancy-schmancy stone floors were not exactly Tripawd-friendly, I wish there were more rugs, because I had to be real careful about slipping with all the muddy boots coming in:

The lobby had a TV playing Seinfeld reruns. Huh? Who wants to watch SEINFELD reruns? They would have done better with Animal Planet, but I guess they are trying to make people laugh since once they leave they will be crying when they see the bill.

Lots of people were staring and smiling at me in the waiting room. Yes, I AM a showstopper, aren’t I?

Dontcha just love my new coat? Of course when I got on the scale there was a little head-scratching going on. Hmmmmm…. “how did Nova lose all this weight?” the Tech said. Duh, lady, it wasn’t SlimFast, okay? Since we hadn’t seen them since October, they had no idea I had an amputation.

Dr. Morreale and a vet in training came in to examine me, and test the pressure in my eyes. I forgot how much I hate having them stick all those things in my eyes! First they put these little strips under my eyelids that have to stay there for a minute, to measure my tear production. Yuck. Then they numb my eyeballs and poke some tool all over each eyeball, to test the pressure in there. I have very strong eyelids, so they practically had to take a crowbar to open them. Even Mom had to help.

The pressure was great in both eyes, for the first time in a long time. 8 in the right eye, and 9 in the left eye (my blind eye, the one with glaucoma). That was an amazing drop from almost 40 in the left eye back in October. So the Dr. said he was really happy with the way the medication was working.

We finally were able to go and start driving back home. Mom didn’t cry when she saw the bill, but she wasn’t laughing either. She just made a comment to the lady that I should have got a bunch of spa treatments at that price, then laughed that I was the “Million Dollar Dog”. It was so nice of her to say that, don’t you think? I AM the Million Dollar Dog… because I feel like (and look like) a Million Bucks!

We headed home for my “Birthday Nap”. I believe that EVERYONE deserves a good nap on their birthday! I alos hear that there is something special for me for my Birthday dinner tonight too! Can’t wait!

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  1. By: OKim1 on January 27, 2009 at 8:02 pm      

    Hoppy B Day Nova!!!

  2. By: Jerry G Dawg on January 27, 2009 at 10:19 pm      

    Oh Nova, Happy Hoppy Birthday to YOU!

    Yes, you look mahvelous darlin. That coat is definitely your color.

    Live it up and rock on! We love you.

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